What is Aamir working on right now?

(last edited November 4, 2020)

(see Derek Sivers’ /now description)

I am now a Presidential Innovation Fellow, working with the federal government to improve software development and product management processes at an agency, helping it to execute better and faster. It’s a nice mix of advising and hands-on work that affects our country positively. Due to COVID, I’m still here in the Bay Area.

I’m learning how to be a father to two little ones. The youngest is still in diapers and can’t talk, so my wife and I are in the thick of it.

I am actively researching and investing in real estate, focusing on commercial real estate opportunities (CRE) in the San Francisco Bay Area and Houston. My parents’ business is focused on this sector so I am providing strategic and tactical support there as well.

I continue to advise a few companies but am no longer angel investing actively.

I volunteer as a mentor at SCORE, helping small business owners here in Oakland.

I am doing some small coding and product projects.

I write about life experiences on Substack.