Things I've written

This is a collection of writing I’m putting in one place. Some of it is helpful memos and emails I’ve written, some were newsletter attempts at Substack, and some are new and posted here.

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Shots Fired In Terminal C

5 minute read

Or, How to deal with being the non-CEO Co-Founder. Understanding founder roles and defining responsibilities for leadership.

Co-Founding is not a Marriage

4 minute read

Or, How to find a co-founder, part 1. How did Greg and I find each other and vet each other. Also, why Xobni didn’t go so well.

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Bessemer’s Dropcam Memo Annotated

6 minute read

Or, a few random memories now in color. Bessemer shared their Dropcam memo on Twitter, and I added my own recollections from that time in 2009.

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venture capital

The Rules of the (VC) Game

7 minute read

Or, how do investors make money in VC? And how do VCs make money? Basics for other posts.

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